who are the people in your neighborhood?
xavier Xavier is one of those people who's oblivious to everything. unless he thinks someone is insulting him, he doesn't have much of an idea what's going on. his lack of awareness gets him into trouble.
shmabekka Shmebekka (pronounced Shma-bek-ka) is xavier's voice of reason. or rather, she lets him know when he's being an ass. the two are constantly at each other's throats, if only because of the massive sexual tension between them... 'bekka is rumored to have some kind of magical powers, but whether they're real or just some natural "feminine magic" is yet to be seen.
wes Wes is the leader of an 80's cover band. at times, he seems too emo to function, but somehow mantains his optimism. in his spare time, he likes to write songs, drink heavily, and work on the old chevy in his garage (that may never start again).
jason upon discovering an interesting red and yellow diamond found in his grandmother's attic, Jason Campbell decided to become colombia's resident superhero. once a burnout skater, he was shipped off to his grandmother's to either get a college degree or else be shipped off to his father's platoon in the military.
lydia Lydia Black is the entertainment reporter for Colombia's campus newspaper. what she lacks in musical knowledge, she makes up for in other ways (see: sex appeal). she is always seen wearing a necklace with a little golden ball that she swears she bought at a thrift store. although it looks perfectly safe, it may cause other characters trouble at some point.
larry if you're in a fight, larry is a good friend to have. he'll be loyal to the end, breaking off the end of his bottle just in the after the frist punch is thrown. larry plays drums in wes' band, and they're the closest thing to brothers without actually being born into the same family. (that's ok, though, because wes has a really hot mom.)

laquita is the first, last, and only runner in the fashion race at colombia state (needless to say, the program is quite small). raised around drag queens and piano bars, she has developed a unique style mostly influenced by the 70's disco era. as much as she pretends to be 'street, however, her suburbian roots and secret obsession with phil collins will always haunt her.

charlie Charlie is an engish grad student how enjoys long walks in the park and would probably read you dickens over the phone. to pay for the exorbant loans he has racked up over the years, he performs as "Charlotte L'more" several times a week at a local club.
wizkid codename "Wiz Kid" lives in jason's basement and is constantly monitoring for danger that only a certian superhero can handle. he has a soft spot for children and furry animals. greg Greg is on loan to the colombia state university labs in order to test his power for creating objects, elements, and abstract consepts out of thin air.
the mexican mafia
the Mexican Mafia rules the city's underworld with a large greasy fist. using a large chain of reasonably priced tex-mex resturants as their cover, they are able to secretly deal in heavy metals, weapons grade plutonium, and certian kinds of cheese.

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